Leighton Meester and Adam Brody PDA at Manhattan Sidewalk

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It seems Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are still in their honeymoon-phase. Leighton Meester, whose role in "Gossip Girl" propelled her to stardom, and Adam Brody, whose role in the "OC" with Rachel Bilson did the same for him, cannot contain their love for each other, as many saw them share a passionate embrace on Wednesday in New York, People.com reports. The couple embraced and kissed each other, as if the crowd at the busy Manhattan neighbourhood was not watching them.   

The couple had shocked their fans when news surfaced  about their secret marriage. On February 18, Adam Brody himself confirmed that he and Leighton Meester were married. He just said "yes" when asked that if it is true that he and Leighton were already married. Later, it was revealed that the couple married, just  three months after their engagement became common knowledge. The fans were expecting them to tie the knot this summer, after the run of Leighton's Broadway play, Mice and Men, which is set to open on April 16.

The two gravitated towards each other after working together on a 2011 movie project, titled the Oranges. However, their relationship status  was confirmed in February 2014.

Meester must be really in love, which can be seen in her recent projects. Recently, she showed her singing prowess when she did a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams."  She has done this in collaboration with musician Dana Williams. The video also showed Meester playing the guitar.

If everyone thought the girl can only act, she is proving everyone wrong by showing she can play instruments and sing, too. Singing must be really one of her talents, because this is not the first time that she has allowed others to listen to her golden voice.

She has showed off her pipes in 2010's Country Strong, where her role was of a pageant queen with musical aspirations. In 2009, she was the backup singer on Cobra Starship's top-10 hit "Good Girls Go Bad."

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