The Leftovers Episode 3 Spoilers/Preview: Reverend Trapped in Blaze [VIDEO]

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The premiere episode of "The Leftovers" saw the Mayor organising a parade in Mapleton to celebrate the people who had disappeared, without any explanation, as heroes. However not everyone sees the departed people as heroes, including Reverend Jamison. The episode 3 of "The Leftovers," which is titled "Two Boats and a Helicopter," features him facing the consequences of voicing something that is against the view of the majority.

In the preview clip, Reverend Jamison can be seen telling Carrie Coon that the rupture was a "test for what comes now." There is also a glimpse of him giving a box to two members of the Guilty Remnant, saying "Sorry, I don't have any white." He may be planning to join them, as he is on the verge of losing his Church.

The synopsis and the preview of the episode suggest that Reverend will be facing death threats and the attendance during his sermons will drop because of his views about those who have departed.

"If we can no longer separate the innocents from the guilty, everything that happened to us, all of our sufferings, is meaningless," Reverend can be seen saying in the preview clip.

The preview clip of "Two Boats and a Helicopter" ends with a glimpse of Revered Jamison trapped in blaze. He is screaming, "help."

"The Leftovers" is based on Tom Perrotta's novel of the same name. In an interview with Vulture, the writer said, "one of the huge changes overall [from the book] is just the prevalence of violence in the show. We were looking for opportunities to make it less melancholy and more explosive."

Official Synopsis of "The Leftovers" Episode 3, "Two Boats and a Helicopter":

"Reverend Jamison is struggling with people referring to the departed as heroes. He is faced with death threats and a diminishing attendance at his sermons and then finds out he may lose his church due to foreclosure."

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