Lebron James Answers Questions from Fans Through Twitter, The Reigning MVP Champ Dreams of Playing in One NFL Game Before Retiring

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Lebron James spent some time chatting with his fans on Twitter on Saturday. The reigning MVP Champ Lebron was more than happy to answer the questions of his million Twitter followers.

"It has been a while since I have done this," Lebron tweeted. "So, let's go, Q & A for 15 minutes, starting now, go," he added.

Lebron was first asked what his favourite video game was. As expected, Lebron told the fan that his favourite video game is NBA 2K14. Everyone probably knows by now that Lebron James is the latest cover of the said basketball video game.

He was also asked about his thoughts on Kobe Bryant's number 25 rank among NBA players. "He is top 5, for sure," James answered. A fan also tweeted a question asking King James who his bestfriend is, to which he answered, Savannah, his wife.

The NBA superstar even extended for another fifteen minutes just to accommodate all the questions of his fans.

One fan asked Lebron if he would ever consider playing in one professional football game in any league. "I want to play one NFL game before it is over," Lebron answered. He played football during his high school years at St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron, Ohio. He was a four-time MVP when he played football so Lebron can surely pursue another career in sports when he retires from playing basketball. We know he will definitely be good at it.

Lebron has always been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. Can you imagine him playing for them? How about playing for his hometown, the Cleveland Browns? It will be exhilarating to watch him play football instead of basketball. What do you think? He will probably be the tallest player, who stands at 6 foot e 8 inches, alongside the Denver Bronco's Bruck Osweiler.

You can head on to Twitter and read the thread yourself if you want to find out more about the exciting questions that his fans had asked him. Lebron and his Miami Heat team will face Chicago Bulls on Oct 29 in the forthcoming NBA season.

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