Lebanese IT Student Accused Of Child Bride Marriage Case Handled By Sydney Court

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A Lebanese IT student was accused of child bride marriage after marrying a 13-year-old girl, the case now being handled by the Burwood Local Court in Sydney.

The 26-year-old IT student was in custody and facing charges that involved 25 counts of sex with a child, ABC reported.

According to the news reports, it was a Muslim cleric that married the two. The father of the girl was also set to face charges. The accused student only appeared through a video link from the Sydney jail he was being held.

His barrister applied for a bail to be heard on March 3. Issues related to a more suitable residence and the resolution of a criminal justice visa was raised.

How Did the IT Student Meet This Young Child Bride?

Based on several allegations, the IT student met the young girl as he was pursuing his studies in Newcastle. Their marriage got the attention of some authorities after he and the child suspectedly moved to a unit in Guildford, Sydney where they intend to live together.

Further details revealed the international student inquired about guardianship terms so as to enrol his alleged child bride in high school.

Father Of Child Shocked Of the Charges Against His Supposed Son-in-Law

According to child abuse detectives who handled the case, the father of the minor girl was shocked that the husband of his daughter has been charged with child sex offences, SMH wrote.

Police authorities also allegedly reported the Islamic ceremony may have happened right in the backyard of the girl's dad.

Several Muslim leaders have expressed how much they are against such marriages that even the Grand Mufti of Australia Ibrahim Abu Mohamed said the child bride case should be seriously dealt with like any other criminal charges.

"We, as Australian Muslim women, like the rest of Australia are deeply concerned for the welfare of the young girl," Maha Abdo said as the executive officer of the Muslim Women's Association.

Police authorities added the accused Lebanese IT student had been a resident of Australia with a student visa and still attending the university.

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