LeAnn Rimes Freezing Husband Eddie Cibrian's Sperms as Leverage in Case Threatened with Divorce

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LeAnn Rimes is said to be scary-determined to get pregnant at any cost, and she will not stop at anything. Even a possible divorce will not stop her from becoming a mother, if it comes to that. This is why, reports claimed that the singer is freezing her husband Eddie Cibrian's sperm. A divorce, if it happens, will therefore not serve as a hindrance for her to become a mother to Cibrian's son or daughter. Reports even claimed she's doing this for precaution. Once she's threatened with a divorce, she can force Cibrian to think about it again because she can be pregnant with Cibrian's baby. Sounds too bizarre, incredible and even scary to be true, right?

A baby as a leverage? A baby conceived out of frozen sperm as a leverage? A baby conceived out of a frozen sperm of your husband as leverage? The story is just weird! A woman cannot be that paranoid and insecure, right? Let alone a star. Not according to Star Magazine.

"She's afraid something unexpected might happy to render Eddie incapable of fathering another child, so she is storing his sperm as a backup plan," a source tells Star Magazine.

The report claims that LeAnn Rimes has done this simply so she'll have leverage over Eddie and she can make him stay with her forever. Sounds like a plot in a movie or book.

However, the report even said LeAnn's friends confirmed the story.

"She might be preparing for the day Eddie dumps her. Getting pregnant would be the perfect way to get him to stick around," added the Star's 'source.'

Whether or not this is true, this can be a very bad move. Babies hardly hold men down if they do not want to stay in a marriage. Eddie Cibrian left Brandi Glanville even though he had two kids with Brandi. Eddie cheated on her regardless. And will Eddie Cibrian not be freaked out and divorce Rimes all the more with this insane idea? LeAnn Rimes should just take it easy and work on their relationship if she personally thinks there's a reason why they can eventually break up and not do things that will further make Eddie Cibrian thinks she's not worth spending the rest of his life with. 

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