Leaked Specs of HTC M7 Suggests of a Powerful Android Smartphone in the Works

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Though nothing official has yet to come out from HTC, speculations on its new flagship smartphone continue to swirl wildly, the latest of which is the detailed specs of the rumoured handset known for now as HTC M7.

Citing two reliable sources namely @evleaks and Unwired View, Engadget reported that the purported Droid DNA replacement is indeed powerful enough to squarely compete with the Galaxy S4. The two mobile phones are expected to be released within the first quarter of 2013.

The M7 will draw its power from a quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon Pro processor, which is paired with a 2GB for faster and smoother processing muscle when compared to its HTC predecessor, the Droid DNA.

Its screen real estate will measure 4.7-inch, retreating a bit from the Droid's full 5-inch viewing window that Android fans learned to love. On this 'SoLux' screen, users will enjoy viewing pleasure of 1080p Full HD, made possible by a pixel density of 468 ppi.

Using the M7's camera features is nothing short of a delight as the leaked specs suggested that the phone's rear shooter is packed with 13MP while its front-facing camera is more than accommodating to clear video conferencing with its 2MP sensor.

Another notable feature of the M7 camera is the 'Cinesensor', which "is said to increase image quality and also allow for super slo-mo and video HDR," Android Community reported.

HTC is expected to deploy upgraded version of its signature features with the high-end smartphone such as Sense 5 and Beat Audio. The mobile phone maker also extended the M7's storage capacity and battery power by reportedly giving it a maximum internal memory of 32GB with expansion options plus a 2300 mAh battery.

For optimal net surfing experience, this handset is LTE-capable and supports 42Mbps HSDPA. It WLAN compatibility is 802.11.

The M7, @evleaks said, will likely be picked up by Sprint and Verizon for its initial United States distribution while HTC is reportedly mulling a 2013 Mobile World Congress unveiling for the handset, as per The Verge report.

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