Leaked Prototype Hints a Thinner and Bigger iPhone 6 on Release Date

By @binibiningkd on

It seems that Apple can't build a device without its prototype cases being leaked into the Internet. In fact, now, we are seeing another leaked images of a possible prototype of the iPhone 6 posted by a Twitter user.

The tweet addressed to a number of Apple-focused Web sites revealed some iPhone 6 shells that look pretty much like the current models of iPhone, but are thinner with a larger edge-to-edge display. Basically, the bigger and bezel-free design coincide with the previous rumours about the design of the iPhone 6.

According to Sonny Dickson, who had been correct with his previous leaked images of the iPhone and iPad parts, the same photos that he received came from a source in China.

On the other hand, MacRumors reported that the parts seen in the prototype are 2.6 inches wide, which is relatively bigger than the 2.31 inches of the iPhone 5s. However, there is no way to tell if we are looking at a legitimate prototype of the iPhone 6 or not, considering that the photos are quite blurry. But then again, it is worth noting that a couple of features support previous rumours of a larger and bezel-free screen.

Furthermore, this leak supports the rumour that claims that next generation iPhones will be thinner and lighter than the current models in the market because of advancements on the LED technology for the backlight display. The thinner and lighter iPhone 6 is pretty apparent from the photos that show a curved aesthetic similar to the iPad mini, iPad Air and the iPod Touch.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 is also rumoured to sport a sapphire display but it is hard to tell from the photos leaked. At the very least, the leaked images offer us a nice view what a thinner and lighter iPhone 6 might look like.

Thus far, we must take this rumour with a grain of salt. There are no official announcements made my Apple regarding this matter but we expect to see more rumours and leaks as the iPhone 6 release date nears. 

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