Leaked! Miley Cyrus Naked Picture Where She Straddles a White Horse for 'Adore You' Remix

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Miley Cyrus is in news yet again for posing naked. The picture of the 21-year-old singer posing topless on a white horse has been leaked. Miley posed naked wearing nothing but a white thong for the music video of "Adore You" remixes. Earlier only half of the shot was released where Miley's breasts were partially visible but now various Web sites are showing the complete picture.

Miley is seen wearing dark coloured hair with bangs in the front. The "Wrecking Ball" songstress straddles a white horse in an oblivious mood while wearing a tiny little white thong. Her breasts are fully exposed for the viewers to see. Miley seems to be lost in the same mood as she was while shooting for the original "Adore You" music video. The "Bangerz" beauty was seen touching herself a lot and almost masturbating in the original racy music video of "Adore You." Check out the latest picture here.

It is not the first time that Miley has done something as controversial as getting topless for the music videos. The songstress is currently on her "Bangerz" tour which kicked off on Valentine's Day and will end in June. Miley's tour has been filled with lots of crazy antics and nearly nude clothes. The singer started her tour by riding on a hot dog and even performing fake oral sex on a Bill Clinton look-alike. Miley has been seen touching her private parts a lot on stage at various occasions and has worn really skimpy clothes which even have cannabis leaves print on them.

On one occasion, Miley even put a fan's used thong in her mouth! One of the Miley's fans threw her thong on stage and Miley immediately put it in her mouth. She is even seen pouring water on her audience by her mouth! Prior to her tour Miley has posed topless on several occasions when she was shot by controversial photographer Terry Richardson. Miley was seen in the shower and wears really skimpy clothes for the photo shoot. The "We Can't Stop" singer has posed naked and topless so many times that her fans might have lost count of it!

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