Leaked LG G3 Specs Point to 5 Likely Nexus 6 Features on Release Date: 5.5-Inch Screen, 2K Display, 32GB Storage, 3GB RAM & 20MP Rear Cam

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The Google Nexus 6 on release date seems shaping up as the best native Android smartphone ever as the device's key capabilities are apparently revealed by newly-leaked details involving its supposed base-model - the LG G3.

Touted as one of the strongest candidates to become the next Nexus phone, the LG G3 again provided a detailed peek on its inside make thanks to a UA profile that according to Phone Arena was detected from Sprint's official site.

The document, the report said, spelled out the key specs and features of a device hidden for now as the LG-LS990, which according to Android watchers is likely the model number assigned for LG's 2014 flagship - the G3 that is.

Now what the G3 is made of and the powers packed with it are naturally expected by Nexus fans to also end up with the Nexus 6, and thankfully five of them are provided below:

Nexus 6 with a giant screen

So far, the Nexus smartphone evolution paints a handset that gets, prettier, more powerful and bigger in every new model. For the Nexus 6, it appears that the latter will be true as the Sprint version of the LG G3 points to a 5.5-inch device.

If the same screen profile will be extended to the Nexus 5 successor later on, the display jump will be from 4.99-inch to a certified phablet-size that is the Nexus 6, and if true will likely dwarf over its closest rivals - the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5 and the rumoured 4.7-inch iPhone 6.

2K display pixels

The 2014 Nexus that is patterned after the LG G3 will be the first major flagship to boast of 2K display or 2560 x 1440 screen resolution, still basing on the internal Sprint document. Such prospect, will allow any of the G3 and the Nexus 6 to easily overwhelm the Galaxy S5. Surprisingly, Samsung merely repeated, but with notable improvements, the 1080p display resolution that the Galaxy S4 had strutted around with in 2013.

Capacious internal memory

For the basic G3, it is alleged that LG will offer a very welcome from the LG G2 - 32GB from last year's 16GB. It makes sense if the same will be in the Nexus 6 as the jump will surely please millions of Nexus 5 would-be upgraders.

More digital room for the phone should be sufficient compensation for Nexus 6 buyers who will have to make do with the gadget's lack of memory expansion slot.

3GB RAM bump up

The chatter is the Nexus 6 is likely to leapfrog into the 64-bit mobile computing realm. True or not, the Nexus 6 will be tapped on a very generous 3GB of RAM provision, Phone Arena says, which theoretically is the maximum that a 32-bit Nexus phone can accommodate.

Killer camera features

The Sprint UA profile suggested that the LG G3 will have a main shooter that relies on 13MP sensor. However, an earlier report by AndroidSAS appears more exciting - that the LG G3 will tote a 20MP rear cam and so is the Nexus 6 plus with killer cam features such as optical image stabilisation and better aperture elements.

Release date of the LG G3 is said to happen between May and June 2014 while the Nexus 6 is expected no later than September of the same year.

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