Leaked Google Nexus 8 Pics Confirm Q3 2014 Release Date with Key Specs & Features – Reports

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Ahead of its rumoured release date in the third quarter of 2014, the Google Nexus 8 provided a glimpse of its body build plus the key specs and features that the 8.9-inch vanilla Android tablet will display right out of the box.

From China, tech blog site MyDrivers.com boldly claimed that it got hold of exclusive pics that showed what could prove as the only and last Nexus device to come out this year. According to CNET, the low-resolution images, stamped with '100% True' marking, depict a device that is wrapped with what appeared as a plastic case cover.

Clearly, the intention in partially shrouding the gadget is to hide for now its real look though the pictures betrayed the kit's signature Nexus built with the screen interface revealing the likely use of larger icons in the next version of Google's mobile operating system.

That would be Android 4.5, which is being touted as replacement for KitKat, and the consensus among Android watchers is the software will also be previewed and released shortly in the next few weeks.

Google is said to use its annual I/O Developers Conference as launch pad for the next Android serving.

And perhaps in the immediate weeks to follow, the Nexus 8 will hit the Google Play Store bearing high-end inside components and killer capabilities as the device is billed about in recent numerous reports.

True enough, the Chinese blog report pictured an Android toy that will flex its muscle in 64-bit mobile computing class, specifically an ARM-based processing chip that either could be Snapdragon 805 or 810.

However, with the Qualcomm-made chips so confidently nominated, the prospect of the Nexus 8 flashing an Intel Moorefield chipset on debut time seems to have been eliminated.

It appears too that the supposed iPad Air and Mini challenger will tap into at least 3GB of RAM though it should be noted that Google can still opt for a more jaw-dropping step up in this aspect as a 64-bit Nexus 8 is technically all set to accommodate RAM provisions of 4GB and up.

Other details of the tablet were left out by the report from China but it was understood from previous reports that the Nexus 8 is geared for the upscale crowd, meaning its total make will reflect top-notch specifications such as a 2K display resolution and high-speed wireless connectivity.

It is suggested too by reports from Asia that Google has chosen HTC of the HTC One M8 fame to assemble the Nexus 8 that the Internet search giant hopes will develop into an iPad slayer.

As mentioned, the Nexus 8 release date is likely to happen in the months or even just weeks after the Google I/O event in late June with the volume production set to start soon.

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