Leak of New Case Image Points to June 2013 Release of Apple’s iPad 5 – Reports

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More clues leaking out are suggesting that Apple has redesigned the next generation iPad to resemble that of the iPad Mini and fifth take is breaking out June this year.

Citing Steven W of MiniSuit, a mobile device accessory maker, Business Insider reported that Apple is pushing out the regular-sized iPad 5 by the end of Q2 2013.

This new claim stands solely on a picture that showed three jelly back-covers of the iPad Mini, the iPad 4 and the iPad 5. As suggested earlier by numerous blog reports and analysts, Apple has opted to copy the design of the iPad Mini for its original tablet.

The reason is obvious. Consumers responded more positively with the compact size Mini and the tech giant aims to extend that same interest to the bigger iPad, likely saving it from extinction.

It appears that 'Steven W' and his firm is confident of the upcoming iPad dimension that production of the case is now underway.

"These leaks typically come from factories that we work closely with," Business Insider quoted the MiniSuit official as saying.

The move on the part of the case maker makes sense, according to MacRumors, since its gaining to ride on the expected momentum that Apple will create once its new iPad begins circulating in global markets.

"Case manufacturers often obtain case specs ahead of product releases to get a jump on manufacturing. Creating a case based on measurements can be a gamble, but an early case release can be financially beneficial," MacRumors said.

The Apple-centric site had earlier published image renders that showed the iPad 5 taking after the iPad Mini's design. According to analysts, Apple was compelled to adjust its iPad template after it was surprised by the rousing public acceptance of the Mini.

Little did Apple realise that in introducing a smaller iPad, it also unleashed a likely iPad killer following failures by Android challengers.

Experts have been pointing to a Q4 2013 release of the iPad though reports that came out in December suggested too that Apple intends to refresh the slate barely five months after its debut, pointing to a March 2013 release.

While the June 2013 rollout is a pushback, it generates enough excitement and triggers talks of Apple ramping up efforts to stem the perceived rise of Android competition, especially coming from Samsung.

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