A-League Championship Goes to Brisbane Roar for the Third Time

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In an epic match of the grand finale of A League championship, Brisbane Roar finally stood as the champion, defeating Western Sydney Wanderers by 2-1 at Lang Park on Sunday.

It was a tough battle for both the team. At one time it looked Western Sydney Wanderers have sealed the fate of Roar when Matthew Špiranović scored the first goal in 56 minutes. Roar, however, got a breather when Besart Berisha made the equaliser in 86 minutes, pushing the match to the extra time. Brisbane finally roared back in the second half and scored the final goal to lift the winning cup.

The first half of the match was dominated by Western Sydney Wanderers in the mid-field, while Roar tried constantly to supersede the opponent.

A superb header from Brendon Santalab on 22 minutes was the first chance Wanderers got, but could not materialise.

Roar got the first opportunity on 26 minutes when Thomas Broich made a valiant effort for a lead but was unsuccessful.

In the second half, Roar was more meticulous and composed in their efforts and vied for every opportunity. But it was ultimately the Wanderers which took the first lead.

Brisbane looked like they are under a state of panic attack after the first goal from Wanderer's Špiranović. Roar, however, got back into the groove and finally scored the decisive goal just when the match was nearing to end.

During the extra time, Roar was aggressive and defied the opponent from all angle, scoring the winning goal in 108 minutes by Henrique De Andrade Silva.

Fatigued Western Sydney Wanderers tried for an equaliser in the late stage, but the efforts were in vain.

This is the third time Brisbane Roar won the A League championship. The last win was on 2011.

Matt Mackay, who captained the Brisbane Roars in 2011, was ecstatic as the team deserved the win for their magnanimous effort against a tough team.

"Everyone's obviously worked the whole year for this...Every single player has contributed - they've worked hard to get into the team ... and now to get a premiership and a championship," Mackay said.

Bert Berisha was emotional after such a splendid win.

"I'm very emotional right now, I'm very glad and happy...I'm so happy with the way I finished and the way we won the grand final - this is the best finish I could ever wish...Brisbane gave me so much, and I tried so hard to give it back," a tearful Berisha said. 

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