Lea Michele Thinks Zac Efron Could End Up like Cory Monteith, Needs Hard Core Rehab

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Lea Michele already lost her beloved boyfriend because of the deadly effects of substance abuse and rehab relapse and she does not want to lose one more person very close to her to the same reasons. The actress is reportedly reaching out to Zac Efron to get help so he will not end up like Cory.

The "High School Musical" star is reportedly having difficulty getting back on track with his life after going to the rehab twice in 2013. Lea Michele thinks Zac Efron needs all the help he needs, and she is willing to be there for him if necessary. According to Hollywood Life, the "Glee" star reached out to star Zac after hearing about him looking for drugs in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. Moreover, the actress has been a really good support system for Zac since then. Both of them have been close to Cory Monteith so they are all too aware of what can happen if the situation is not controlled. However, some things may be causing Zac to lose track again.

"After he died, Lea became a sober support for Zac. She'd even invite him on hikes through Runyon Canyon. But lately, Zac's been standing her up," Hollywood Life reports. "She's deeply worried that Zac is teetering on the brink of tragedy."

"Lea wants Zac to get into a hard-core rehab program and publicly come clean about relapsing," the site added. Aside from Lea, Zac Efron's friends are worried sick about him too.

Lea specially thinks that a person who relapses from rehab is the most vulnerable person. It is the time when that person at-risk of committing something dangerous unintentionally needs someone sober and stable as guidance and Lea is willing to be this guiding figure in Zac's case. She has been through a similar situation with Cory and even though that did not end well, this gave her the more reason to look out for Zac. If Zac is really in a deep end, Lea's actions just might pull him through if he listens to her. The industry should not risk losing another young promising actor to substance abuse.  

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