Lea Michele Pours Out her Emotions in a Heartfelt Tribute to Corey Monteith

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The song "You're Mine" was released by "Glee" star Lea Michele last February 10 as a tribute to her late love Corey Monteith. The lyrics of the song tell the love story between Michele and Monteith and fans of the series would definitely relate to the song.

Many witnessed the despair that she felt when Monteith passed away unexpectedly but she has taken everything in stride. She has not stopped writing songs and has finished her album with hopes of a new beginning after the death of her boyfriend.

This song tribute is part of her upcoming solo album entitled "Louder" which is scheduled for released on February 28, 2014 by the premier recording label Columbia Records. As you listen to the piano ballad, you would definitely feel the love, especially as Michele sings the first time they exchanged those three precious words.

The love that blossomed in "Glee" was unexpectedly cut short when Monteith died of heroin and alcohol overdose back in July 2013. The loss really took its toll on Michele but has remained strong. She tweeted that this song tribute is her favourite track in her album. "It's so special to me & it's story is so close to my heart'" shares Michele in Us Weekly.

The lyrics really pictured out the relationship between the two. The song was co-written by Australian singer/songwriter Sia. This ballad really reminds her of Monteith and she plays this song whenever she thinks of him.

"And you said those three words, I've been waiting for. You became a part of me," parts of the lyrics sung by Michele. Even though the two have already parted ways, she still cares for the late "Glee" star. The love she shared with Monteith gives her the strength to face her daily battles sharing that she feels him watching over her and guiding her.

Anyone who has lost a loved one will definitely feel the power of the song and will be moved by it, especially with the vocal prowess that Michele has. The song truly is a powerful reminder of how strong they have depended on each other.

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