Layton Benton Bank Account Closed Due to Profession, Adult Movie Star Claims

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Adult movie star Layton Benton is miffed with her bank. She claimed that the bank closed her account with no prior warning simply because of her profession.

Benton made a call to TMZ Live and wanted to talk about how her Chase Bank account had been closed. The bank has been accused of closing several accounts on the basis of their customer's involvement with the porn industry. Several adult movie actors have voiced similar allegations like Benton and said that the bank closed their account without any valid reason as they did porn.

According to Benton, she came to know that her account had been closed while she attempted drawing money from an ATM. Her transaction was denied, she claimed. She said that when she contacted the bank, she was told by bank authorities that her account was in the process of being closed as there was a "risk" involved. However, no further explanation was given.

The 22-year-old adult movie actor starred in movies like Doublicious and The Bomb Booty. Benton said that she was going to take legal action against the bank which did not even bother to call her before closing her account. She was told that she would have to wait for around 10 days to receive a cheque for the few thousand dollars that had been left in her bank account, Page Six reported.

TMZ reported that its sources confirmed that this was not the first time it happened to adult movie actors. While old-timers who have had their account in the bank for some time were not affected, it is the newbies who face the problem. According to TMZ sources, banks track down specific kind of transactions like the money deposits from their webcam services. Such deposits are flagged as "irregular activity" as the money is paid on a minute-by-minute basis, thus considered infrequent.

When Chase Bank was approached, they did not comment on the allegations that they closed Benton's account due to her profession.

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