Laureen Harper, Wife of Canada PM Stephen Harper, to Attend Internet Cat Video Film Festival

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Laureen Harper, the wife of Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is expected to attend Just for Cats: Internet Cat Video Film Festival to be held in Toronto in April 2014. The appearance of the first lady of Canada is sure to glorify the festival further. The cats which have been stars on the Internet, including Henri le Chat Noir and Grumpy cat, are expected to make the festival memorable for feline lovers.

Mr Harper and his wife happen to be foster parents for cats at the Ottawa Humane Society. They regularly take in animals that require special care due to their behaviour or health issues. The Toronto Sun reported that the cats are made ready before they can be adopted by someone. 24 Sussex hosts around 87 foster cats, it reported.

Mr Harper asked his Facebook fans to help him give a name to the new grey cat in his family. He also posted images of little Stanley on his Google Plus page. Ms Harper, on the other hand, earlier told QMI Agency that there were two cats that were involved in her wedding celebration. One of them flaunted a designer bow tie, while the other had a lace collar. Ms Harper is reportedly going to be the special guest at the festival which is a one-day celebration of feline angels at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto on April 17.

The festival will tour various other cities after Toronto. Other Canadian cities where the festival will take place include Montreal, Vancouver, Saskatoon and Ottawa. The National Post reported that, according to a TIFF representative, Ms Harper would not introduce features in other cities across Canada. She is going to be a special part of the festival only in Toronto, it reported.

According to the official Web site, the festival honours your favourite pet with a "masterfully curated compilation reel" made by the Walker Art Center. The best clips are enjoyed on the big screen. The festival also raises money for cat welfare in the country.

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