Latest Update On The New Apple iPhone 6 Release Features Water Resistant Phone Capability [Photos]

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As Samsung and Sony have already released their flagship models this year, all eyes and ears are now geared toward Apple and its update on its iPhone 6 edition lineup.

Leaks on the new iPhone 6's design and features have been floating online for the past few weeks. Among them is a 4.7-inch screen, while some sources also cited a 5.5-inch screen model coming out at a later time this year. GSMArena has the leaked photos of the reported new iPhone 6 on its Web site. If this is true, the new iPhone 6 would border on the phablet category of smartphones.

There is also the possibility of the new iPhone 6 being water-resistant.Leaked photos, as seen in GSMArena, showed the iPhone 6 model submerged in a sink full of water (see Photo 1). Regardless if the phone used in the demo is a nonworking dummy model, it still hinted the possibility of iPhone 6 being water-resistant (see Photo 2).

Another reason iPhone 6 can be water-resistant is the available service being offered by Liquipel. According to Liquipel, its technology, similarly known as liquipel, is a specialized process that applies a liquid repellent substance to electronic devices to make it water-resistant.

The device is placed into its proprietary machine that pumps down to create a vacuum. Once the vacuum process is complete, the liquipel formula is then injected and turns from liquid to gas as it enters the chamber. The final step introduces the plasma, which decomposes the liquid repellent molecules of the liquipel, polymerizing them to themselves. Once the chamber comes back to atmospheric pressure, the device is then removed with no cure time and the process is complete. Liquipel then becomes the new surface of the device and its components (Check videos of the process below).

For the past year, more smartphone manufacturers are making mobile phones with added protection from nature's elements, namely: water and dust. If the likes of Sony, Samsung, and even LG have released water-resistant phone models like Sony Xperia Z1, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG's upcoming flagship LG G3, then it would be no surprise if Apple also follows suit.

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