Latest South Korean Online Trend Paying To Watch A Pretty Girl Eat [VIDEO]

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(Video Credit: YouTube/Ronaldo Cristiano)

The latest online craze among South Koreans is something crazy. It involves watching a gorgeous woman eat giant servings of food.

CNN is one of the most reliable  Web sites who first made a report on the odd craze highly similar to what can be considered as food porn. They got to have an inside look at the queen of the Korean online craze named as Diva. The 33-year-old Korean female can eat loads of food as if she has an elephant tummy but the looks of a sexy model.

Gastronomic Voyeurism Also Called As 'Muk-Bang'

'Muk-bang' or 'Meok-band' is the term used by Koreans to describe eating sessions broadcasted or live streamed online. Independent UK wrote that it has been entertaining those who are either on a diet but craves to eat a lot or even some others who usually eat solo but wants some company every once in a while.

The Diva who goes by the real name of Park Seo-yeon explained to Reuters how the interactivity of the craze has been making the food porn showed addictive. "Loneliness is another crucial factor. The show is addictive as you can communicate with thousands of people at home," the Diva said.

How Much Does It Pay?

The Diva confessed in one of her interviews that being one of the broadcast jockeys of the online trend is not a kind of past time but a stable source of income. She earns about $9,400 each month, big enough for her to finally quit her current job to work full time for Afreeca TV. The Afreeca TV is a video network for peers which have evolved to become the home of the food porn craze.

However, the Diva emphasized that her costs of living are also soaring high since she spends about $3,000 each month for the food she will need for her online eating room shows.

The female Korean broadcast jockey shared that she gets the most fulfillment out of her current job when she gets to help viewers who go through serious problems like anorexia. Many of her fans send her gifts and money but all are done voluntarily. The eating room service is limited within the South Korean region at the moment.

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