Latest iPhone 6 Concept Image Shows Off iOS 8 and Edge-to-Edge Screen Display [VIDEO]

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A new iPhone 6 concept image shows off a whole new design and the future iOS 8.

The latest iPhone 6 render is designed by Lorenzo Rojas. In a YouTube video posted in ConceptiPhones, the upcoming iPhone will have a larger screen display that is 4.6 inches in size. The display will run from edge to edge. This is very close to the on-going rumour that the successor of iPhone 5S will pack a 4.7-inch screen panel.

The handset also packs a 12-megapixel iSight camera that records video in 2K resolution. It will also run with iOS 8, which is not different from iOS 7 based on the icons. Moreover, the video stated that the device will pack a new home button with fingerprint sensor and more. Lastly, the handset will be available in three colour variants - white, gray and gold.

Edge-to-edge screen display is one of the most popular features included in most iPhone 6 concept images. This shows the increasing demand for a bigger screen size that started last year. Apple's rivals like Samsung continuously release smartphones with larger screen display. Reports suggest that Apple's next screen display may have a Sapphire glass covering that will strengthen the screen and make it scratch resistant.

Latest rumours claimed that two iPhones are coming this year - one with 4.7 inches screen coming in May and one with 5.7 inches screen or bigger to arrive in Sept. Aside from a bigger screen display, it is most likely that iPhone 6 will pack an A8 processor and iOS 8. iOS 8 will be announced at the Worldwide Developers' Conference event in June.

Some Apple patents also provide some clues on the upcoming iPhone 6 features. Patents emerged that iPhone will pack a curved or flexible screen embedded by durable material called liquidmetal, a refocusable light camera, an improved Siri and TouchID sensor as well as gestures control.

The handset will most probably retain the TouchID fingerprint sensor packed in iPhone 5S but with added features. However, bizarre rumours suggest that Apple will bring in an eye scanner.

Watch the video of the iPhone 6 concept image below.

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