Latest HTC One Features an Unusually Good Dual Camera

By @judithaparri on

The latest HTC One (also called HTC M8) is coming out soon while the waiting public enjoy all the leaked information, features, specs and photos about the next generation smartphone of the Taiwanese maker. However, there is something great the handset is rumoured to have that can even become its selling point -its camera.

The original HTC One brought a different camera type, less reliant on pure weight of megapixels, and can take good snaps in low-light conditions. We expect the HTC One successor to follow this line - dual 5MP cameras with dual-LED flash, autofocus and a 2MP front-facing one. Its maker said of these cameras as two "ultra pixel" sensors that allow simultaneous image recording, HD video, smile and face detection and geo-tagging. It can capture a 1080p video at 30fps.

The dual camera seems to have many purposes, one of which is enhancement of low-light images. The photos can be edited after taking them, such as edit photo, highlights, highlight backgrounds and focus. The after-capture editing options are now considered by many OEMs at this point. Though there are a lot of fresh ideas with regards to this camera, but Samsung already came in advance with its high-powered 16M camera, thus Galaxy seems to be advancing already. HTC is left with the main selling point, and to come down to image quality.

As of now, it is unclear if the HTC EVO 3D feature-set in 2011 will have to return, but it will not be long before we reach March 25 anyway. However, we have in handy the design specs such as the 5-inch 1080p display specs plus the new Sense feature with double-tap to wake the handset - which are pretty pleasing.

Meanwhile, the highly-celebrated Samsung Galaxy S5 has a decent 16MP camera that is capable of very fast auto focus, that is, when one can take a shot in .3 seconds. Video shoots in 4k resolution). Below the camera is a flash with a heart rate monitor, with the fast rate of reading the heart monitor in seconds.

Both HTC and Samsung's cameras will work well, as shown in their respective specs. In the meantime, the leaked information and photos about the HTC All New One have been beautiful so far, and many love it.

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