Latest Cosmetic Trend: More Young Men Seek Beard Transplants In U.S. And Canada

By @snksounak on

A growing trend of beard transplants among Canadian men are on the rise. The reason behind such an expensive transplant seems to be a "hipster" culture, encouraging men to flaunt thick facial hair.

According to Toronto Surgeon Dr. Paul Cotterill, a specialist of hair transplants, the growing trend among Canadian men is more cosmetic. Earlier, men would go for such transplants when they wanted to hide any kind of burn or scar on their face. But today, Dr Cotterill said most men would like to do beard transplant purely from a cosmetic point of view, as reported by CTV News. Seemingly, it is similar to any other cosmetic surgeries like breast transplant or nose job which is purely conducted for aesthetics purposes.

But this trend is not only limited to Canada. DNA Info reported having beard transplant was equally popular in New York. Men are willing to do facial hair transplants to look more like hipsters. The surgery that costs anywhere between $3,000 and $7,000 is supposed to help those who do not grow their bread well enough to look like hipsters.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein has been performing similar surgeries for a decade now. He said he did only a few surgeries during the first years of his career around 10 years back. But the number seems to be increasing significantly.  He claimed he did around three facial hair transplants in a week on the average in his Miami and Midtown East offices.

Dr. Yael Halaas, another cosmetic surgeon, specializing in beard transplant, said young professionals in their 20s and 30s who would like to see themselves "fashionable" and "hip" sought such procedure.

He added many professionals involved in "detail-oriented" jobs like architecture and artistry preferred such transplants. Experts said it is one of those fashion crazes which keep changing every decade.

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