Latest 'Adobe Flash Player 14' Free Download – Features, Bug Fixes, Prerequisites

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The Adobe Flash Player is the standard for rich, outstanding and high-impact web content. Graphics and animations are deployed immediately across all browsers and platforms that ensure rich virtual experience. For high quality video streaming, Adobe's Flash Player versions are the golden standard.

Recently, Adobe released Adobe Flash Player 14 (Beta) and it is already touted as the best Adobe version ever.

Adobe Flash Player 14

The recently released Adobe Flash Player 14 is a beta version that is code-named as 'Lombard'. This Flash Player is a browser-based runtime app and a cross platform application that provides remarkable content and videos viewing experience on multiple operating systems and browsers, according to Culture Mob.

In addition, this player takes the viewing & running of High Definition video to a whole new level.

Free Download

This beta release is available as a free download for Windows as well as for the Mac OS. However, this player is available as a 'background update', so interested users can subscribe to get the latest version.

Apparently, this release has fixed many reported bugs and packs several enhancements. Also not, the bugs pertaining to device compatibility have been fixed.

Bug Fixes

The latest version of Adobe Flash Player has cleared many security and stability issues with HTTP streaming.  It is worth noting that, the earlier versions of the Player had critical glitches when switching from audio only formats to audio-video formats.

The security problems include serious exploits when watching online videos via YouTube, and 9gag TV, among others. These problems have been fixed in the new version.

New Features

1.       The most prominent new feature is the 'Anisotropic filtering' (AF) that enhances the image quality of the surface textures when viewed from tilted angles.

2.       This point in particular is of great use to developers. The new Stage 3D Standard profile can now be employed to create 3D context.

3.       This beta version is also available for Intel x86 with Android support to the Adobe AIR.

4.       Along with the bug fixes, quite a lot of improvements have been made to the packaging engine for iOS.

It is worth noting that, since this is still a beta version, users and developers can report any issues online, so that the final version will be a bug-free solid version.


The Adobe Flash Player 14 requires:

1.       The system memory requirement for Windows OS is 512 MB of RAM and for netbook devices - it is 1GB of RAM, with graphics memory of 512 MB (minimum).

2.       For Mac, the system memory requirement is 256 MB of RAM and graphics memory of 512 MB.

3.        A Windows OS with 2.33 GHz or higher x86 compatible processor, or an Intel Atom with 1.6 GHz or higher in case of netbooks.

4.       The system requirement for Mac is Intel Core Duo with 1.83 GHz or higher.

5.       The compatible operating system should be one of Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8 or the Windows Server 2012 (64 bit).

6.       For Mac, the system requirement is OS X, with versions 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9.

7.       The compatible browsers include the Internet Explorer version 8.0 and higher, in case of Mozilla Firefox, version 17 and higher, the Chrome and the Opera 11.

8.       For Mac, the browser requirements include Safari 5.0 and higher; the Mozilla Firefox 17.0 and higher, the Chrome and the Opera 11.

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