LastPass to Let Users Log Into Android Apps Automatically; Available Now in Google Play

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With the surge in number of passwords that one has to remember to get through everyday, 'Password Managers' are gaining popularity to do that job for us.

Although there are umpteen password managers available in the market, there was one plaguing problem that made the users stay away from taking advantage of password managers; i.e. the compatibility issue with the mobile apps and browsers.

With the latest feature in LastPass, that compatibility problem is put to rest. LastPass will auto-fill the password for you on Android apps.

LastPass says, "It wants to bring the same LastPass experience users are used to on their desktop/PC version to all of mobile platforms."

What is a Password Manager?

Password Managers use secured databases to store your username, password and the sites for which they are used.

Upon accessing one of those saved sites, the password manager auto-fills the appropriate fields and logs the user in without any manual intervention.

By activating password managers, the user has to remember only one username and password to log into the password manager itself.

Also LastPass generates secure passwords and stores them in a safe vault and lets the user access the same on multiple devices and platforms, according to BGR.

It is worth noting that, LastPass also supports two-factor authentication for access to the database.

Compatibility Issue

According to ZDnet, mobile operating systems have stronger security designs than desktops; in order to prevent one app from directly accessing the data of another, hence the compatibility issue became inevitable.

Until LastPass came into existence, users have to manually go to password managers, copy the username and password to the clipboard and navigate back to the mobile app and paste them in the appropriate fields.

How Does LastPass Work?

LastPass works with mobile apps and browsers similar to how it works in PC/desktop. Once you reach a login screen on any app, LastPass pops out to provide you the login details.

However in some cases, you have to touch the login field/prompt for LastPass to pop out.

The latest LastPass password manager requires Android 4.1 or later. Also if you want browser support for chrome, then the manager requires Android 4.3 or later.

LastPass also supports Dolphin HD and Firefox mobile browsers.

Is LastPass Available As a Free Download?

Users have to subscribe to LastPass's premium service to avail the new feature. The yearly subscription fee is $12.

LastPass is now available on the Google Play store.

However, there is no information on when the feature will be available for Apple iOS devices. 

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