‘The Last Ship’ Episode 9 ‘Trials’ Spoilers: Everything To Know About Explosive Penultimate Segment

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TNT's latest drama "The Last Ship" premiered on June 22, 2014 and is now nearing its finale. But before that Michael Bay's drama is set to feature its explosive penultimate episode. Based on William Brinkley's novel with the same name, the show revolves around the story of a post-apocalyptic world suffering and struggling through the spread of a fatal disease that has killed many people. Tom Chandler, Dr. Rachel Scott and rest of the crew of The Nathan James have devoted their lives to find the cure to the fast spreading pandemic and save the world. Here are few spoilers from "The Last Ship" Episode 9 titled "Trials." Read on to find out what happens next.  [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "The Last Ship" Episode 8 "Two Sailors Walk Into A Bar" and Episode 9 "Trials." Read at your own risk.

Last week in episode titled "SOS" fans saw Tom Chandler and his team battling one of the toughest challenges they encountered in their entire journey. Chandler and Tex were captivated by Russians and all that they want in return was Dr. Scott. While Slattery took the commanding position, Dr. Scott finally made the discovery and found the cure. However, she wilfully surrendered to Ruskov and gets onboard Russians' ship. Here she met Neal, the scientist who is infected by the deadly virus. Later, Tex and Chandler take things under their control and attack Russians. At the end, they successfully find their way out of Russian ship. They also manage to bring Dr. Scott and Tophet's family with them. Meanwhile, Neal also finds a way out.

"The Last Ship" Episode 9 (Trials) picks up from where the show left. TNT teased spoilers from the penultimate episode in the synopses released by the network. As the title of the episode and media report suggests, the next episode will put the vaccine to the test.

Chandler and Scott seek "six volunteers" to become the part of the trail and experimentation and help them determine if Dr. Scott's vaccine is the very cure of the pandemic. But things don't go down well. The vaccine leads to bloodcurdling effects in the bodies of the volunteers.

Elsewhere, Chandler's family becomes vulnerable to the virus and its deadly effects. His wife and father battle to "keep his family alive." Will he reach on time to save his loved ones?

Meanwhile, fans can view the promo of "The Last Ship" Episode 9 "Trials" by clicking HERE as published by Spoilers Guide.

The Last Ship" features Eric Dane as Tom Chandler, Rhona Mitra as Rachel Scott, Adam Baldwin as Mike Slattery, Sam Spruell as Quincy Tophet, and more. The show will return with Episode 9 "Trials" on August 17, 2014 at 9:00 pm on TNT.

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