The Last Ship Episode 7 SOS Spoilers: Find Out What Happens When the Commander is Attacked by the Enemies

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TNT's "The Last Ship" is only four episodes from its finale. The biggest question that still remains unanswered is whether Eric Dane's team and Dr. Rachel Scott will be able to find the cure to the pandemic by the end of it all. The show debuted in late June and has managed to earn decent fan following. Based on William Brinkley's novel with the same name, Eric Dane starrer show tells the story about post-apocalyptic world suffering from fatal and fast spreading disease. The show is produced by "Transformers: Age of Extinction" director Michael Bay. Here are few spoilers from "The Last Ship" Episode 7 titled "SOS." Read on to find out what happens next on the Nathan James. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "The Last Ship Episode 7 "SOS." Read at your own risk.

Last week fans saw Tom Chandler and his team struggling through their dwindling faith in Dr. Rachel Scott's research. Chandler faced one of the biggest challenges of his journey. Despite all the failures and zero progress, he had the task to revive the lost faith and regain the trust of his team to keep them with him on the ship and not abandon their mission. At the same time, Danny Greene's illness caused panic and led to a lockdown. Everyone thought that Danny has been infected by the fatal virus until the test results were released. However, later it was revealed it was only dengue fever.

Picking up from it left, "The Last Ship" Episode 7 showcases another day on Nathan James and another challenge. Chandler and his team continue to move forward with their dangerous mission that could save millions of dying people.

TNT has released a press release for "The Last Ship" Episode 7 "SOS." According to the media report, Chandler receives a "distress call" while they are travelling near Jamaica. Swiftly responding to the emergency, Chandler and Tex head out to rescue. However, it is not what they expected. Their mission takes a shocking turn when they are ambushed. The "surprise attack leaves Chandler and Tex stranded at sea."

As per the press release, as soon as the Nathan James' crew realizes their commander is missing, Slattery and rest of them set out on a search mission. They hope to find Chandler and Tex before their enemies hunt them down.

According to Cartermatt, episode 7 is "going to push Chandler to the brink." Fans are definitely going to enjoy the action-packed segment.

"The Last Ship" features Eric Dane as Tom Chandler, Rhona Mitra as Rachel Scott, Adam Baldwin as Mike Slattery, Sam Spruell as Quincy Tophet, and more. The show will return with Episode 7 "SOS" on August 3, 2014 at 9:00 pm on TNT.

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