Last Filmed Interview of Charlotte Dawson 'Predicted Her Death'

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Charlotte Dawson had her last filmed interview before her reported suicide on Feb. 22.

According to, the interview was conducted six weeks before her death and while the TV presenter was on vacation in Bali, Indonesia. Sunday Night conducted the filmed interview and it was aired over the weekend.

Charlotte Dawson Last Interview Chapter One

In an interview footage, Dawson shared her struggles with depression, fears for her future, and how her money problems were taking its toll, especially with her unemployment.

"I can't be fearful, that's my worst enemy. It's everybody's worst enemy: fear of the future, especially when you don't have one to look at," she shared.

While Dawson spoke of how she was focused on overcoming her struggles, her good friend Alex Perry said she was only putting on a front for the camera.

Charlotte Dawson Last Interview Cha+pter Two 

Perry knew Dawson so well and noticed the model was just "acting" when he saw the interview.

"She was fearful because when she was trying to put the positive spin on it and the bright eyes, talk of the future, the eyebrows going up - that was Charlotte performing," he said.

Dawson was reportedly $80,000 in debt, according to Theepoochtimes, and was also unemployed. She revealed how she was looking at the barrel of an unemployment gun and the bullet has gone off. She was also still dealing with her divorce from husband, Scott Miller.

Charlotte Dawson Last Interview Chapter Three  

The model also shared in the filmed interview that sometimes she finds it difficult to separate the Dawson in the spotlight from the real Dawson, the person who had a tumultuous decade.

"I have to love myself. I don't have a partner. I don't have my mother or father. I don't have any family in Australia. I don't have anything. I don't have that shoulder to cry on at night," Dawson said.

Viewers said the interview was already a plea for help from Dawson and no one heard her.

Charlotte Dawson Last Interview Chapter Four 

According to, the model's last filmed interview, which was supposed to mark the beginning of a new life for her, sadly represented the end.

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