Is the Las Vegas Showdown between Serena Williams and Andy Murray the Next ‘Battle of the Sexes?'

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Serena Williams and Andy Murray are reportedly to face each other on a tennis showdown in Las Vegas in 2014. It has been reported that the representatives of both Williams and Murray are set to meet to finalise the said historic event.


Andy Murray To Take on Serena Williams in a Tennis Showdown in Las Vegas

If the said face-off between Williams and Murray is set, this will be the fourth time that a woman and a man will fight in a tennis match.

In 1973, the first-ever tennis match, known as the Battle of the Sexes, between a man and woman took place. Former World No 1 Bobby Riggs, who was 55 years old at that time, came out of retirement, and challenged one of the world's greatest female players. He initially asked Billy Jean King to compete with him, but she declined.

When King turned down the offer of Riggs, Margaret Court came into the picture and she was more than willing to take on Riggs. The match was held in Ramona, California. Riggs ended up winning.

Following his win over Court, Riggs continued to challenge Billie Jean King.

"Billie Jean King is one of the all-time tennis greats," Riggs told TIME. "She is one of the superstars, but she doesn't deserve a chance with me," said Riggs. "Women's tennis is definitely far beyond men's tennis," he said.

King finally accepted Riggs proposed match, along with a lucrative prize money. The match was televised on national TV. King  triumphed over Riggs. However, a few critics were not impressed. Riggs also felt depressed about his loss, especially the fact that it was to a woman. He even locked himself in his hotel room for four hours.

The third Battle of the Sexes was between Martina Navratilova and Jimmy Connors. It was held a Caesar's Palace in Paradise, Nevada in 1992. Connors won.

Maybe a fourth Battle of the Sexes is really about to happen.

Andy Murray has already expressed his feelings about having a match with Serena Williams. A Twitter user asked Murray if he would be willing to challenge Williams. "I would be up for it, why not," said Murray.  Williams also shared her thoughts on the idea. "That would be fun, although I highly doubt that I will win a point," said Williams.

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