Las Vegas G-String Thief Hides .44 Magnum Under Stolen Thongs

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Joey Kadmiri, 24, a petty thief who stole the G-string and thong underwear of group of Las Vegas male strippers on March 18 threatened to shoot members of the Thunder from Down Under troupe, but no one believed he had a hidden weapon.

The disbelief came from Matthew Fardell, a member of the group who saw the drug-crazed thief was wearing the blue underpants of a stripper and a black G-string, which would make it difficult to hide a gun.

Fardell told the Las Vegas District Court on Wednesday that he thought the thief they caught rifling through their things at the Excalibur Casino was either bluffing or referring to the plastic toy guns they use on their strip show.

But Kadmiri proved Fardell wrong and whipped out a .44 Magnum, the same type that Clint Eastwood used in his Dirty Harry movies. Fardell grappled with Kadmiri for the control of the weapon until it went off and hit the wall of the casino's Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant.

Prior to the gun grapple, when the strippers caught him inside their dressing room, they tried to restrain and overpower him, but the intruder proved too strong for the buffed and muscled show guys.

Fardell told the court that he thought Kadmiri was high on bath salts, but Las Vegas authorities claimed the G-string thief was high instead on methamphetamine when he struck.

Kadmiri is facing several charges, including robbery with a weapon, burglary and battery with a weapon resulting in substantial body harm. Because Fardell was so close to the gun when it went off, he sustained gunpowder burns on his face and left eye and injuries on his left ear.

But being believers in the adage "the show must go on," after Kadmiri was taken into custody, Fardell and the other male strippers returned to the stage even as he felt the blood from his ear dripping on his shirt. Surely, they recovered the stolen G-string and thong from Kadmiri and likely wore them on the strip show.

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