Larger 5.5inch iPhone 6 Variant Will Roll Out in the Market as ‘iPhone 6L’

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Apple Daily, a Hong-Kong based blog site, claims that the larger 5.5inch iPhone will be called the iPhone 6L. Few weeks after the arrival of the iPhone 5S, rumours about Apple working on a larger edition of iPhone started gaining momentum.

Even though major smartphone brands like Samsung, LG, Sony and even lesser known brands running on Android OS have been selling large-sized smartphones, Apple has been offering 'pocket-friendly' iPhones of less than 5inches for several years. Last year's iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C features 4.7inch display screen.

In the coming month, Apple is heavily reported to reveal not one but two variants of iPhone 6. The first one is going to be a regular sized (4.7inch) iPhone 6 and there will be larger iPhone sporting a 5.5inch which will be named as iPhone 6L where L would probably mean large.

iPhone 6L to Arrive Next Year or This Fall?

The iPhone 6L would certainly be Apple's first 'phablet' smartphone venture. Speculations have it that even the iPhone 6L will be announced in the coming month, but it won't be available for purchase until the end of this year or even at the beginning of next year. So, it may so happen that only the regular sized iPhone 6 may come out in the market by this fall.

Another talk about the new iPhone models coming from Taiwan's National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission indicates that both the handsets are slated to arrive soon in the market. NBTC has approved both the variants of iPhones with model numbers A1586 (4.7inch iPhone 6) and A1524 (5.5inch iPhone 6L) on August 8.

According to BGR, the Cupertino company wanted the news about the two iPhone 6 models to be kept secret. However, according to the regulations set by the government, the information about the two iPhone 6 had to be disclosed to the world.

According to fresh speculations, the iPhone 6L edition will be packed with a larger capacity battery of 2915mAh. The 4.7inch edition will be powered by a 1810mAh battery. Both iPhone 6 models will be running on the all new A8 processor delivering a fast speed of 2.0GHz.

Both the new editions of iPhone 6 are expected to come housed with numerous features like NFC, Touch ID, new redesigned chassis and enhanced camera. Apple is heavily suspected to unveil the next iPhone during a press event that will be held on September 9.

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