Lara Bingle Denies Being Married to Sam Worthington, Explains Why He Calls Her ‘Wife’

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Despite Sam Worthington getting caught on tape referring to her as his “wife,” Lara Bingle has denied persistent rumours that she has married the “Avatar” star.

In January, Bingle posted photos of her and Worthington together, both wearing gold bands, which appeared to be wedding rings. The media quickly picked up on the story that they have already exchanged I Do’s, despite dating for just a few months.

The marriage rumours were further fuelled a month later when Worthington was arrested following a scuffle with a paparazzo in New York. Their fight was caught on camera, and the 37-year-old actor was heard referring to the 27-year-old model as his “wife.”

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The pair never clarified the reports, though, until now.

Bingle graces the cover of the August issue of Elle Magazine Australia, in which she finally admits that they have yet to get married.

“I’m not married,” she proclaimed. “I’m not engaged, I’m not pregnant.”

She did offer an explanation for being Worthington’s “wife,” though, saying, “It’s all just love.”

She continued, “[Worthington] calls me his wife all the time. He has since the day I met him. It’s nice, it’s very flattering.”

Worthington, who has five films due this year, plus three more due in 2015 before the sequel to the mega blockbuster “Avatar” comes out in 2016, isn’t as hardworking as Bingle though, according to Bingle herself.

The fashion model, whose “Being Lara Bingle” reality show ended with just 10 episodes in 2012, is a very busy person, even more so than her international superstar boyfriend.

“I work harder than Sam,” she claimed. “Even if I’m travelling, I’m working on the plane.

“I have about five things going on at any one time, it’s constant, so I don’t care if people think I’m working or not.”

An example of the things she does is launching a tanning lotion.

She has just announced The Base by Lara Bingle, a collection of bronzing products that she plans to launch in November, just in time for summer.

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