Lance Armstrong Finds Missing Testicles in Card Game

By @ibtimesau on

In a twist of fate, testicular cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong found his missing testicles - not in real life but in a card game.

Mashable reported that Armstrong was in a Cards Against Humanity game over the weekend when he found one of the cards on his hands with the words: "Lance Armstrong's missing testicle."

Armstrong had one of his testicles surgically removed in 1996 when he battled testicular cancer. He recovered and subsequently won more medals but in 2012 was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles over doping charges.

He also lost about half of his estimated $120 million wealth to lawsuits, leading Armstrong to sell houses and a jet, as well as give up $150 million worth of endorsements.

Despite the fate that befell him, Armstrong continues to live life as proven by his attending social functions like parties where he played the cards game which matches white answer cards with a black question card. He even gamely tweeted about the incident.

In an interview with Rick Reilly of ESPN, Armstrong said in spite of what happened, he is at peace and there is lightness to his life.

"I have no obligations. I have no other schedules other than raising my kids, what time my tee time is, how far I'm gonna ride my bike that day. Life has become very simple very quickly ... I'm not in a hurry to get anywhere. Nobody's waiting at the other end," Armstrong said.

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