Lana Del Rey Announces Details of New Album ‘Ultraviolence;’ Release Date, Track List and More

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The long wait is over for all the fans of Lana Del Rey as she announces on her social media accounts that her new album titled "Ultraviolence" is set to hit record stores on June 16, 2014.

Lana Del Rey is known for her unique style when it comes to singing. Fans have come to love her due to her ability to set her self apart from all the singers and songwriters out there. But what appears to have made fans of the singer and songwriter love her more is the announcement on her Twitter account that her highly anticipated album is soon to be up for grabs.

The teaser for the album has already made its debut in April when Del Rey sang her new single "West Coast," which is included in the "Ultraviolence" album, at the Coachella event. The new single is now available on iTunes.

"'West Coast' is an absolute rush from the very first verse with typically wry and desperate lyrics hovering over breezy guitars and lush strings (at least live)," idolator remarks concerning Del Rey's performance at Coachella.

However, despite what appears to be a negative remark from the Web site regarding the new single, fans are still excited to get a copy of the new album. The positive response that the 27-year-old singer and songwriter is getting on social media appears to be an indication that the highly anticipated album is yet to make a grand debut.

The 27-year-old American singer and songwriter's new album cover is a black and white photo featuring Del Rey herself stepping out of the driver's seat of a car in a white T-shirt. 

According to a post shared by Lana Del Rey on Facebook, aside from "West Coast," the track list includes "Cruel World," "Ultraviolence," "Shades of Cool," "Brooklyn Baby," "Sad Girl," "Pretty When You Cry," "Money Power Glory," "F**ked My Way Up to the Top," "Old Money" and "The Other Woman."

On bonus tracks are "Black Beauty," "Guns and Roses" and "Florida Kilos."

The album will be available on digital download on June 16, 2014, and according to Universal Music, Lana Del Rey's album will contain a CD, vinyl and art prints available for all the singer's fans.

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