Lamar Odom Still Doesn't Want to Divorce Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood
Television personality Khloe Kardashian arrives at the 2014 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar Party in West Hollywood, California March 2, 2014. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas REUTERS/Gus Ruelas

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's marriage has been widely documented thanks to their reality shows "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" and "Khloe and Lamar." Now Lamar Odom still hopes to get back together with Khloe and does not want to divorce his reality star wife despite her desire to do so.

The former NBA star whose career is now in limbo is still hoping for a chance to get back together with his ex-wife despite the fact that she now so obviously has moved on with rapper French Montana.  Khloe filed for divorce in December 2013 but Lamar has not signed the papers yet. According to a source that spoke to Hollywood Life, Lamar isn't keen on giving up Khloe but he will sign the papers if that's really what she wants and if that will make her happy.

When reports of their marriage troubles and substance abuse allegations first came out, Lamar was also very open about stating how he married the right woman and how she and her family have helped him. Lamar has issues with his own family with his father making several appearances in the reality show in which his abusive behaviour was seen. Before news of the couple's separation was confirmed, Lamar was also reportedly arrested for DUI and was reportedly bailed out by his drug dealer. 

In recent episodes of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Khloe was seen telling her mother Kris Jenner about her frustrations with Lamar. She tells Kris that she is bothered by the interviews that Lamar has been giving in which he's been telling people that they are working things out and that they are constantly talking. Lamar has also apparently been saying that he is in constant contact with Khloe's family.  She also tells Kris about receiving a text message from a common friend who observed that Lamar was still wearing his wedding ring. Lamar had apparently been openly telling people that he wants to save his marriage and Khloe is frustrated that it's making her look like the bad guy and the one that didn't try to make things work. She breaks down and blurts out that she lived a double life and had to lie to her family to hide her problems with Lamar. She said that she didn't care if he was still wearing his ring because he had it on too while he was seeing other women.

In another episodes of the reality show, Khloe was seen struggling with moving out of the home that she shared with Lamar. She says that she was left with all of Lamar's belongings and she now needs to deal with packing everything and figuring out what to do with them. Kim blatantly pointed out that Lamar was never coming back and Khloe shouldn't let his things delay her move.

Lamar was in Spain at the time the episodes were shot earlier this year in an attempt to pick up a career there but the move didn't pan out when he suffered a back injury after making only two appearances with the Spanish team Laboral Kutxa. He returned to the United States to play for the New York Knicks but with the team missing the playoffs before he could make an appearance, they also let him go in an announcement made on July 11.

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