Lamar Odom Says 'I Love You' to Khloe Kardashian on Her 30th Birthday

Basketball Player Lamar Odom Departs the New York State Supreme Court After a Child Custody Hearing with His ex-Girlfriend, Liza Morales, in Manhattan
Basketball player Lamar Odom departs the New York state Supreme Court after a child custody hearing with his ex-girlfriend, Liza Morales, in Manhattan, March 5, 2013.

Lamar Odom still need to sign the divorce papers but Khloe Kardashian has already moved on from their relationship a long time ago. Lamar Odom however, may still have lingering feelings for Khloe. On Khloe's birthday, he made sure Khloe remembers and thinks of him too by telling her he loves her.

When Khloe spent her 30th birthday on a yacht in New York City friends, family and current beau, French Montana, Hollywood Life reports that Lamar Odom made an effort for Khloe to hear from him.

"He made contact with Khloe on her birthday, but said it was real, real brief," a source tells Hollywood Life. "He just wanted to tell her happy birthday and wish her well on this new decade in her life."

Besides saying, "Happy birthday," Lamar told Khloe he is truly feeling in his heart.

"He even told her he 'loves her' and she said, 'Thank you,' but she didn't say, 'I love you' back. He was slightly hurt by that but he understood," reveals the source, adding, "He just wants to be on her radar, whether it's good or bad, he just wants to be on her mind as crazy as that sounds. She was nice."

If Khloe was touched or even bothered by her ex-husband's amorous call, she did not let this affect her night with French. She made sure everyone on that yacht knew they are together by showing some serious PDA. Even Lamar Odom cannot doubt the extent of Khloe's feelings after that. Hollywood Life claims he may have been upset he is not the one beside Khloe and giving her that birthday kiss, but that does not mean anything now.

Khloe even posted a sweet Instagram photo of herself blowing out the candles on her gorgeous three-white cake, Hollywood Life reported. "I couldn't help but wish for a couple of forevers," Khloe captioned the picture. The caption is quite telling, leading many to speculate she's hoping to tie the knot with French Montana soon and have his kids. Maybe now at 30, her mother may accept the idea of Khloe having her own baby. It has been previously reported that the momnager recently said Khloe should hold her horses and not contemplate on babies yet. 

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