Lamar Odom: “Life is Good” says Khloe Kardashian’s Husband as He Denies Being Hooked on Drugs [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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Finally, Khloe Kardashian’s husband, Lamar Odom has spoken out about the alleged drug use and he has set the record straight: he’s not using drugs.

A video of the NBA star has emerged in the world wide web denying any drug use. Shot by a TMZ cameraman, the video showed Lamar being asked by the paparazzi how he is doing, adding that his fans are concerned about him. It was a brief reply from Lamar when said, “Nah, I’m good,” but it was the first time that the Clippers player opened up and attended to media’s queries in recent weeks.

Accompanied by friends, Lamar was leaving Teru Sushi in Studio City, Calif when chanced upon by TMZ photographer who then asked him, “So you don't have a drug problem, right?"

The photographer received another brief reply from Lamar who pointed out that “he doesn’t need professional help” despite reports that he has been hooked on drugs and even going on drug binge for years.

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Lamar had also been accommodating to the paparazzo who pressed him more about his professional career in the NBA and his personal life. This time, the free agent curtly replied “Life is good.”

But it was still not good for the paparazzo that he pushed for more. He didn’t want to stop until he put Khloe into the picture. The photographer then queried if he had talked to the former X-Factor USA host and he said: "Of course! That's my wife," Odom said, adding, "Of course."

Watch the VIDEO here.

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