Lamar Odom And Khloe Kardashian Divorce Shocking News: Did Khloe Fail As A Wife?

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Khloe Kardashian thinks that she is the reason why Lamar broke- up with her. In an exclusive revelation a source told popular website that Khloe blames herself for demise of her marriage with Lamar Odom.

After Lamar Odom got trapped in the alleged cycle of drug addiction Khloe tried her best to help him out with the problem but now she feels that her efforts were lacking and she could have done more to save her marriage.

The reality show star also feels that she can't go the house, which she once shared with Lamar as it reminds of all her wrong doings, and how she failed to keep Lamar in her life.

"She hates that place so f**king much because in her mind, she failed. Can you believe she thinks she failed as a wife? She was crazy in love with Lamar and thinks she failed him because she couldn't make him get off drugs," an insider told

Reportedly Khloe also thinks that was too tough on Lamar and probably that was the reason why Lamar left her.

"She thinks she was too hard on him and pushed him away when all she was trying to do was bring him closer when he was at his worst. She'll never admit that, but it's so true," the source further told the website, adding"It's Khloe. It's her fabric and it's who she is. She really didn't want to leave Lamar but she had to. She had to for her soul."

On the contrary, Khloe's fans think that she was just trying to save Lamar from ill effects of drug and she was no wrong in doing so. Any wife will want a sober husband and Khloe is no different. It was even reported that alongside drug addiction Lamar was also involved in extra marital affaires, which further played havoc in his marriage with Khloe.

Khloe and Lamar filed for divorce on Jan. 13 citing irreconcilable differences and now both have seemed to move on with their lives.

Khloe has been rumored to be dating baseball star Matt Kemp and Lamar is reportedly making up for the lost time with his kids.

Let us know your thoughts on Khloe and Lamar divorce. Do you think Khloe is to be blamed?

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