Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Divorce: Lamar Misses Khloe And All Naughty Things She Does

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Basketball Player Lamar Odom Departs the New York State Supreme Court After a Child Custody Hearing with His ex-Girlfriend, Liza Morales, in Manhattan
Basketball player Lamar Odom departs the New York state Supreme Court after a child custody hearing with his ex-girlfriend, Liza Morales, in Manhattan, March 5, 2013. Reuters

Do men miss their wives after they get divorced? Surprisingly, men can have mixed emotions after a divorce. They may detest their ex-wives, and in some days, they may also miss their wives.

Lamar Odom is no different from those men. Lamar is reportedly missing the good times he once shared with the lady she loved and from a marriage lasting for 4 years.

He isn't wearing a long face and going about life like a half-shut knife. He's just missed the woman he loved in a marriage that lasted for several years. A source told the Hollywood Life that Lamar misses Khloe's sense of humor.

"He talks about her from time to time," the source revealed. "He misses some of the good times they shared," the source added. It is a good thing that Lamar isn't really trying to block out the good memories with Khloe he had in the past. It only means that Lamar is taking the entire divorce thing very well.

"She would always make him laugh" the source noted.

The source stressed Lamar was also missing the naughty side of Khloe, especially when she wore hooker clothes and did sexy things on him.

"Khloe can shake her a** faster than a girl in a Yin Yang Twins video," the source said. "He misses all that fun and ratchetness they had," the source added.

While Khloe thinks she failed as a wife to Lamar, her friends thinks the opposite.

"She was real good to him, a good wife and she loved him hard," the source said.

As much as Lamar is missing Khloe and the fun times they had, he is also moving on with his life.

"He knows life goes on and he wishes her the best, he has no hate or regrets where Khloe is concerned," the source told the popular entertainment news Web site.

Time goes by so fast. Your loved one can go in and out of your life. Lamar isn't probably the only one missing someone because Khloe may just be feeling the same.

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