Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian Divorce: Khloe Says She Was Too Hard on Lamar

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It is really hard to watch your husband go through a tough time. For Khloe Kardashian, she tried the best that she can to help Lamar Odom deal with what he was going through within himself. However, Khloe thinks she may have been too hard on Lamar which caused their marriage to fall apart.

"She thinks she was too hard on him and pushed him away when all she was trying to do was bring him closer when he was at his worst," a source told the Hollywood Life. "She'll never admit that, but it's so true," the source went on. Khloe didn't want to end their marriage and leave the former basketball player but she felt she really needed to do it. "She had to for her soul," said the source.

When Lamar and Khloe were still together, the 29-year-old "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star had to cope up with mounting marriage dilemmas. Khloe had to deal with Lamar's infidelity and drug problems. She did the best that she can to save their marriage. The Hollywood Life also reported that Khloe typically brought Lamar to marriage counselors and treat him sternly just to help him in the long run.

Tough love or too tough? Was it too much tough love or was it not enough? Khloe was in a position before where she was forced to make difficult decisions when she was trying to help Lamar. She tried her best but she feels that it may have been an awkward step which pushed Lamar away unintentionally.

At some point, Khloe didn't want to come to the house that she and Lamar once shared. The painful memories that she has suffered while living in their house were preventing her from going there. Khloe felt that the house was plaqued with bad memories and she just couldn't stand it.

"She hates that place so much because in her mind, she failed," said the source. Khloe loved Lamar but she thinks she didn't do well at it because she wasn't able to get him off his alleged addiction problems.

Well, anyone can only take so much. Khloe is starting her year fresh after filing for divorce in December. The house that she once shared with Lamar has been sold. She has reportedly bought a new house close to her mom Kris Jenner and rumored new beau Matt Kemp. Lamar, on the other hand, was sweating and working out. He was trying to get back into his tiptop shape. Who knows, maybe Lamar will get his NBA career back soon. Altogether, it might not be the worst thing for Lamar and Khloe to really let go of each other.


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