Lamar Odom-Khloe Kardashian Cheating Scandal: Mistress Lives in Fear as Kardashian Clan Trails Her with Private Investigators

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 Lamar Odom’s mistress, Jennifer Richardson claims Khloe Kardashian knew about her affair with the NBA player, revealing in a recent interview that the Kardashian clans even had her followed by private investigators, making her fear for her life.

Jennifer said in an exclusive interview with In Touch Weekly that the powerful family worked together to get her out of the picture the moment Khloe discovered her illicit affair with Lamar.

And the clan thought private investigators was a way to begin ending the affair that could potentially ruin Lamar-Khloe union.

“They had private investigators following me for weeks,” Jennifer said in an interview with In Touch Weekly, adding “I was very, very intimidated and scared.”

How can Jennifer be sure that Khloe knows?

The L.A. entrepreneur said that she was certain that they were made in April 2013, just days after the relationship ended. She recalled how she ran into Khloe at a Clippers game back then. Sitting outside court, Jennifer remembered seeing Khloe two rows behind her. She was joined by her mom, Kris and she noticed Khloe’s sharp stares.

“Khloé never said a word to me,” Jennifer said, according to In Touch. She continued saying the former X-Factor host “kept cutting her eyes at Jennifer.”

Jennifer declared: “That’s when I knew she knew.”

Jennifer disclosed that her affair with Lamar ended in April 2013. It lasted for about four months.

Lamar’s mistress also believes that it may not be just her being followed. She reiterated that the NBA player could be trailed, too.

“She’s constantly looking for Lamar and trying to find out where he is, calling him, calling his assistant,” added Jennifer.

Khloe, she noted, would even constantly call the Staples Center just to check on Lamar.

But Lamar knew what he had to do, emphasized Jennifer. Not only would he ignore Khloe’s phone calls, he had decided to switch phones to avoid being tracked by Khloe.

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