Lamar Odom Comes Back Home to Wifey Khloe Kardashian; Will it Boost KUWTK Ratings? [VIDEO]

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After more than a week of separation, NBA player Lamar Odom has finally come back to E! reality star Khloe Kardashian in their Los Angeles home. Odom left their home last Wednesday after Khloe and the Kardashian clan staged an intervention for his serious crack cocaine problem which the NBA star rebuffed.

A source tells TMZ that the former Clippers star is "open to reason and listening to the people who love him the most," but he remains undecided about seeking treatment for this addiction. There are still no talks of divorce.

While this aspect of his life is seemingly looking up, there is still no update on his future career with any NBA teams, most especially the Clippers. On the other hand, Memphis Grizzlies' player Zach Randolph, stated in an interview with TMX that he would like Lamar on his team.

See his interview here:

  NBA Star Zach Randolph -- 'Damn Right' I'd Want Lamar Odom On My Team

Lamar Odom, who's been making headlines for his recent behaviour off court - the paparazzi encounter, his marriage with Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star Khloe... (you get the point) - has allegedly been in a long time battle with drug abuse.

Odom was already battling a drug problem as early as when he was still playing for the Mavericks, according to another report by TMZ.

TMZ's sources from the Westin Hotel, one of the numerous hotels NBA players stay at when they're on the road, said that they had found  'major carpet damage' after Lamar left. They also said that they found white powder on the desk blotter and the room 'reeked of noxious smoke,' causing them to deduce that there were 'obvious drug use' in the hotel room. TMZ has contacted several of these NBA pit-stops and learned that they too had similar issues.

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