Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Dies, What Happens to the Team Now?

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Owner and innovator of the Los Angeles Lakers dies on Monday at the age of 80. Now that the Lakers is left without their pioneer, what will happen to the team?

 The man who is responsible for turning the Los Angeles Lakers into one of the most established teams in NBA dies at the old age of 80. Magic Johnson admits that he cried in the morning after receiving the call that informed him of the sad news. Johnson was one to experience the Lakers dynasty when he was recruited and "treated like a son" by Buss.

But now that the founder is gone, Johnson is not sure where the Lakers stand today. During their glory days, the Lakers was one of the most celebrated teams in America. Not only were they known nationally but globally as well.

"He was an amazing man, a great man, and very smart man. He loved the team and he loved Los Angeles. He wanted to bring the championship to this city every time out, and he was disappointed when he couldn't. He liked the fans to be happy," Johnson said.

But the fans have not been happy for a long time now. And losing the man that has brought the Lakers' spark certainly will not help.

According to reports, Jerry Buss has been fighting with cancer for the past 18 months. He hasn't attended any Lakers game but is well aware of the team's poor performance.

"I can't imagine Dr. Buss was happy with the way this season was turning out. This isn't the way he would have wanted it. He wanted the Lakers to be real competitors, and this team isn't even on the same page with real winners, since we're No. 10 in the West. Not to mention that not winning leads to all kinds of drama with the players and off the court," says a Lakers executive.

Buss was said to have been involved in trades that brought Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to play side by side with Kobe Bryant for this season. But the only sure way to bring back the Lakers to its proper place in NBA royalty is for them to secure a championship.     

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