Lady in Red: Women Perceive Specific Color as Sexual Threat

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A couple share a kiss in Independence Square in central Kiev, July 24, 2012.
A couple share a kiss in Independence Square in central Kiev, July 24, 2012. Reuters

It often gets harder to decode what women think. A new study definitely adds up fuel to this existing belief.

Latest study reveals that women don’t like any other woman dressed in red. According to the report, a red dressed clad woman usually gives vibes to other ladies that she is more interested in sex.

Women also tend to think that a lady in white or green is more faithful than a girl who prefers to wear red.

“The color of a woman’s shirt affects how men and women think about her,” says Adam Pazda, a social psychologist at the University of Rochester and one of the authors of the study. “Women don’t want other women in red near their boyfriends,” he was quoted saying.

Previous finding established that men thinks women in red are more interested in sex, no matter whether they are. The scientists wanted to figure out if women feel the same way about women in red.

In this work there were different experiments. For the first two observations, women looked at pictures of pretty ladies in red and white, in the third experiment, they were asked to look at photos of different women mostly in red or green.

As white greatly stands for purity and virginity, the researchers wanted to “examine a color with less emotional baggage.”

At first, participants took a look at a photo of a woman in white followed by looking at the exact photo after the color of the dress was changed to red. When they were asked which woman out of the two pictures appeared more receptive to sex. Astonishingly, they believed that the lady in red was promiscuous.

“Women in red are perceived as being more interested in sex,” Pazda says.

In the second study, using the same photos, the participants were asked to give their view on the women’s fidelity and financial resources. They said that “a woman in red would cheat on her partner, but weren’t judgmental about her finances.”

Lastly most women did not wish to leave their men around ladies in red. They feel insecure in vicinity of an attractive lass in red. When women become sexually excited, they blush,” Pazda told.

But it will be surely interesting to find out whether women dress in red for sex intentionally or not. Only future investigations will let us know that.

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