Lady Gaga’s Deleted Scene in a Music Video Gets Leaked

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Finally, it has been revealed why a scene from the music video "Do What U Want," featuring Lady Gaga and R. Kelly, was deleted. The deleted scene has been leaked on the Internet, with reasons why it was scrapped from the original video. 

TMZ has put online the 33-second long deleted part of the video. Lady Gaga and R. Kelly can be seen in this graphic video. Gaga is on a hospitabl bed and her body is covered with a white sheet. The hiphop artist on the other hand, wearing black top, black golves, and jeans, is acting as her doctor and can be seen examining her. "How's that feel," he asks, after, while Lady Gaga moans in reply. "The medicine is starting to kick in," he says. She then passes out and a party filled with dancers, who appear as nurses, start.

The scene then shifts to Lady Gaga. Newspapers cover her naked body. She can be seen modeling in front of Terry Richardson, the actual director of the video who is acting as her photographer.

This part was deleted from the "Do What U Want's" official video not just because of the apparent explicit scenes, but also due to R. Kelly's previous involvement in child pornography, according to TMZ. Even if Kelly was acquitted on all the charges, his alleged involvement in child pornography resurfaced when Jim DeRogatis, a Chicago music journalist,  gave an interview to Village Voice in 2013. In the interview, he talked about the hiphop artist's reputation of being a sexual offender. According to reports, Kelly's reputation was one of the reasons why Lady Gaga decided to delete the graphic scene from the music video.  

Another factor that made her scrap the scene was the accusation of sexual harrassment against her director, Richardson. According to reports, there are allegations that Richardon had in the past, sexually harassed his models. One of the models, Emma Appleton reportedly said that Richardson offered her a spot in Vogue magazine in exchange for sex, but the model declined his offer. She posted a screenshot of the message on her Twitter page but then deleted her Twitter account. Richardon has denied allegations of sexual harassment, claiming that he did not force any of his models to indulge in sexual acts with him.

"Do What U Want" was released in October 2013 as part of Lady Gaga's third album, "Artpop."

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