Lady Gaga vs. Kelly Osbourne: Pop Singer Respond to ‘Fashion Police’ Host’s Negative Comments [SLIDESHOW]


In an open letter to Kelly Osbourne, pop singer Lady Gaga discussed in detail her response to the "Fashion Police" host's negative and bullying comments. Lady Gaga's fans, known as the Little Monsters, verbally lashed out at Kelly Osbourne after she made some remarks regarding the weight gain of their Mother Monster.

"I have no filter. I say what I think and that's it. I actually think she's a good singer but she has the worst fans in the world and you have a responsibility to stop that. I think you do anyway," Osbourne stated as she also criticized the attitude of Lady Gaga's fans.

"I get called fat all the time. A big fat whore. Lady Gaga's fans are the worst. They've said I should kill myself and that they hope I get raped. I mean it's crazy but I've had this all my life and I just try and ignore it," Osbourned revealed to U.K.'s Fabulous Magazine.

In the letter that Lady Gaga wrote on behalf of herself and her mother, Cynthia, the quirky singer admitted that she has nothing but empathy for Kelly Osbourne who received numerous criticisms in the past because of her weight. However, Lady Gaga points out that the "Fashion Police" host should ponder on her position at the E! show and how the criticism on others is similar to the kind of bullying that she has once herself experienced.

"Your work on E! with the Fashion Police which is rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people's beauty against one another. Appearance is the most used reason for bullying in the world. Your show breeds negativity and over the years has even become comedic in nature," Lady Gaga wrote.

The Grammy-winning singer further stated in the letter: "It glorifies you and Joan Rivers pointing in the camera, laughing, and making jokes about artists and celebrities as if we are zoo animals. What about your body revolution? It used to make me truly sad when I would hear people talk about your weight when you were younger, as I was bullied too. To see you blossoming into a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding. Why not help others? Why not defend others who are bullied for their image and share your story?"

Then, Lady Gaga explained to Kelly Osbourne that she really has no control with regards to her fan's behavior. "I cannot control my fans and I discourage them from any negativity and violence because that is wrong and hurtful and I do feel baldy that your feelings were hurt," Lady Gaga posted.

Instead, Lady Gaga urged Kelly Osbourne to set out a positive example. The "Born This Way" singer created in 2012 a "Body Revolution" campaign that encourages healthy body image where members can receive an overflowing support.

"We can all do our part in the media to set a standard of respect, compassion and love. I wish for you to be treated with the kindness and respect that everyone deserves. While some of my fans have learning to do, most of them share the same values as I, and it's what bonds us together. And that bond is strong," Lady Gaga further wrote.

Also stated in the letter is Lady Gaga's encouragement to other celebrities and media outlets in joining her with the campaign. "I hope you, too, consider the power of your voices. Let us work together and make 2013 a year of unity," the singer finally wrote.

Though Lady Gaga posted the said letter on her web site on Thursday, January 10, the letter was abruptly removed after several online media web sites captured the contents of the letter.

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