Lady Gaga Shows Sorrow for Friends and Family Affected by Hurricane Sandy [SLIDESHOW]

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A born New Yorker, singer Lady Gaga shows her sadness towards the devastation of Hurricane Sandy it has brought to her family and friends.

The 'Born This Way' singer has always been vocal about her devotion towards the city of New York, and when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and plunged most areas underwater, the singer expressed her sorrow and nostalgic remembering.

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"Miss you mom, dad, natali and all my friends, I wanna be there in the rain with you. I know its gonna be ok, but that water flooding downtown while my friends are sitting in the dark is making me sad. I love you New York" wrote the singer in her Twitter account.

From New England stretching to North Carolina, residents were advised to evacuate their homes and businesses and take shelter in safe places and prepare for the "unprecedented" disaster.

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The singer, who is currently in Puerto Rico to prepare for a stretch of shows, further expressed her sadness by remembering the places she used to visit that are now affected by the hurricane.

"I'm not sure where to put these feelings. I'm so sad. I feel like my entire childhood is underwater. The boardwalk in Atlantic city, my old Apts in Brooklyn and LES. All the bars and friends." posted Lady Gaga.

"I'm just so sad. I know it will be ok. I'm not sure why I feel this way. maybe homesickness, or maybe its easier to be a gypsy if you know your soul grows from somewhere great, and that great place protected me my whole life, now parts are destroyed. just very sad and pensive today. Thinking of everyone today."  added the singer in the same account.

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