Lady Gaga Requests Paparazzi to Photoshop Her Candid Pics Before Releasing Them to the Public

By @Ze_Charm on

Fans know her for her erratic behavior on stage. Lady Gaga is definitely a show stopper when it comes to all of her crazy antics when performing. Every performance Lady Gaga does is often done in a very artistic sense.

Crazy or not, Lady Gaga has always been a beacon of positivity. From her inspiring songs that try to attack hypocrisy people have with regard to beauty and sexuality, Lady Gaga has them all covered. So for the champion of natural beauty and empowerment, it would be tad ironic for Lady G herself to screen her public images taken by the paparazzi to look perfect.

According to one of Lady Gaga's publicists, the "Born This Way" singer has ordered photographers to "smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm and to smooth out and thin her legs," before making the pictures available for public consumption.

If anything, Gaga is not the first artist to actually restrict photographers in displaying her candid photos. Beyonce, who has also previously collaborated with the "Born This Way" singer,  has also followed suit in attempting to block unflattering photos of her during her Mrs. Carter World Tour. It can be remembered that unflattering pictures of Queen Bey surfaced all over the internet. So it seems like Lady Gaga is not the only one to alter her images.

"It's like with any other artist I work with, and it's very minimal because we want to get the photos out there right away." A Getty photographer mentioned in an interview. He went on to say that he normally photoshopped "say, a drop of sweat, an errant lock of hair or a shiny patch on Gaga's forehead." Although such kind of alterations are more acceptable, the thinning of legs and smoothing out of the jaw line seem pretty much overboard-especially for someone very vocal about celebrating beauty in different forms.

In other news, Lady Gaga is still busy performing for her 'little monsters'. The chanteuse just recently finished performing in a theatre in Manhattan, after a long break from her hip surgery.

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