Lady Gaga Forgets Her Pants at The Inaugural YouTube Music Awards, Cries On 'Dope' [SEE VIDEO]

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Lady Gaga forgot to wear her trousers on the first ever YouTube Music Awards that were held in New York City on Sunday night. The singer was at her weirdest best as she arrived at the event dressed in black leather shirt supporting a set of scary artificial teeth accessories in her mouth and a wide-brimmed black hat.

Looking at the way she was dressed, we may begin to think that the 27-year-old singer is out of her mind but you will be surprised to know that Gaga is actually promoting her new single "Dope" from her latest album "ARTPOP." The singer released an equally bizarre art cover for her single and shared the picture via her Twitter account.

The "Poker Face" singer is seen wearing the same hat, curly black wig beneath her wide-brimmed hat and a tacky oversized black-white check coat as she announces the release of her song "Dope." In this image too Gaga does not wear any pants just like she doesn't at the YouTube event.

"'Dope' will be available 12:01am local time Nov 4th. Final song available for purchase before ARTPOP release Nov 11," Gaga announced to her Twitter followers.

Lady Gaga completed the look with flashy platform boots and socks with a white frill. The singer also gave a stupendous and emotionally draining performance on "Dope" at the YouTube Music Awards.

"Tune in now to the YouTube Music Awards! Performing DOPE for the first time," she wrote. In a classical Gaga way, the singer sat on the piano, removed her bizarre teeth and gave a wonderful performance on the track "Dope."

"The party's just begun/I promise this, this drink was my last one/I know that I f---ed up again/Because I lost my only friend," Gaga sings with her heart on her sleeve.

 "My heart would break without you/Might not awake without you/Been hurting low from living high for so long," at which point she was shouting, practically on the verge of tears," she emotes more lyrics.

Gaga was so involved in the track that you could actually see her tears streaming down her face. [SEE VIDEO] The inaugural YouTube Music Awards were attended by MIA, Arcade Fire and many other singers. Eminem was named the "Artist of the Year" at the awards, which were streamed live.

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