Lady Gaga Dons Ghostly Look For New 'ARTPOP' Cover, Roped in Jeff Koons To Make Her Sculptor [PHOTOS]


As the release date of the new alum "ARTPOP"of pop singer Lady Gaga nears release, the fans are treated with a new cover. The "Applause" singer was previously seen sitting naked in the armchair for the album cover back in July but the new one by Lady Gaga is all scary.

Lady Gaga is seen rocking a dead look as she sits in a computer-chip made armchair with long Medusa kind of blonde hair topped up in a mop on her head. She wears a gunny bag kind of jumpsuit which makes her look even weird as she sits while spreading her legs. Her make-up is ashen grey and accentuates the ghostliness of the singer. Gaga's fan doesn't seem to like her new look as one of them can be seen calling the dress she wears a "deflated sumo suit" on Twitter.

"Why are you wearing a deflated sumo suit?," said Twitter user, partyonbaby.

The 27-year-old singer also posted some related pictures on her Instagram account. It shows the singer donning the same moppy hairstyle but she looks better with makeup and no gunny bag dress.

"I was a bad girl with my seashells. Somebody steal my hot glue gun. Hide the rhinestones!." wrote Gaga as the caption of the picture she posted on Instagram.

The bizarre Gaga pictures are all part of the promotions prior to the release of much anticipated release of "ARTPOP" which is due for release on November 11. The singer recently showcased an array of new songs including "Manicure," "Sex Dreams" and "Aura" at the recent iTunes fest in London.

The singer has been creating excitement about the release of her album by using various social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

"In the final days finishing ARTPOP. I feel like an atelier. refining seams. ironing fabrics. needling the last thread of my couture creation," said Gaga on Twitter on September 26.

 "It was this amazing moment today my head down gazing at the soundboard--the music came on I looked up + knew it was ARTPOP it all made sense," continued Gaga.

However her fans are eagerly waiting for the track list of the album which has been delayed by the singer. "I'm sorry the tracklisting is late monsters. A few more squirrels snuck into the ARTPOP tree. Don't worry it will be worth it!," wrote the singer to her fans on Tuesday.

In other news, celebrity sculptor maker Jeff Koons is making a sculpture of Lady Gaga that will serve as the cover for ARTPOP (out November 11). In her October Elle cover story, Gaga revealed the news/ "[Koons is] making a sculpture of me, and it's going to be my album cover." Koons has previously made a Michael Jackson sculptor. 

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