Kylie Minogue Still Loves Michael Hutchence [VIDEO]

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Kylie Minogue still loves Michael Hutchence, the Australian international pop star admitted. The international pop star said that the INXS telemovie’s portrayal of her relationship with the late rocker is similar to real life.

A scene from the ratings hit “Never Tear Us Apart: The Untoldy Story of INXS” sees Hutchence meeting Minogue for the first time, in which he told her, “I didn’t know whether to ask you to lunch or to have sex.”

Telemovies are usually romanticised to be a hit with audience, but this one TV special was accurate, according to Minogue.

“That’s almost exactly correct,” she told of her meeting scene with Hutchence.


Minogue and Hutchence dated for two years before Hutchence started a relationship with Danish supermodel Helena Christensen.

Despite parting ways, Minogue and Hutchence remained friends. As the “The Loco-Motion” songstress said, she even visited his house for a dinner with him and his then partner Paula Yates.

“A guy with that much charisma, it doesn’t just switch off, you don’t just forget about that person,” she said.

“I don’t know what it was like for other women in his life but my love for him remains. It’s good everyone’s love (for him) has been reinvigorated after the show. Having just come back into Australia and seen the chart and seen everyone have such passion for INXS again is fantastic.”

Singer-songwriter Samantha Jade portrayed Minogue in the miniseries, and Minogue couldn’t be happier with the casting choice.

“Normally they’re six-feet and wearing more make-up than me!” she said of drag queens who usually play her. “I think it was great casting. I think Samantha did a fantastic job. It’s quite hard to think ‘Was I like that?’ but I think she got it right, I wasn’t too big a part of the story anyway.”

Hutchence died on Nov 22, 1997 after committing suicide at his hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in Sydney.

Minogue is in Australia as she films “The Voice.”

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