Kylie and Kendall Jenner Sending Inappropriate Texts to Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Not Holding it Against Them

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Justin Bieber Unfollows Selena Gomez on Instagram, Continues to Follow Kylie and Kendall Jenner
Singer Selena Gomez greets fans after accepting the favorite singer award at the 27th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California March 29, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzouni REUTERS/Mario Anzouni

The mystery of why Selena Gomez unfollowed everyone, the Jenners first is finally solved. She does not hate one of the Jenner sisters, she hates both. According to earlier reports, Kylie Jenner has been sending inappropriate texts and photos to her boyfriend, Justin Bieber. But new reports claimed that both Kylie and Kendall, and a host of other girls are doing their best to impress the "Beauty and the Beat" singer by sending him their sexiest pictures and naughty messages too. Being the girlfriend, Selena Gomez cannot help but feel disgusted and depressed.

According to Hollywood Life however, Selena Gomez does not put the blame entirely on the Jenner sisters or even the other girls. She thinks this is Justin Bieber' s fault, especially since this is entirely expected. She thought Bieber changed when they reconciled but apparently not. Bieber has commitment issues since day 1, and she knew this when she decided to give him another chance. What hurts though is that Bieber did not have the decency to stay away from her supposed gal pals.

Upon checking of Justin's phone, Selena Gomez saw both Kylie and Kendall's sexy pics and inappropriate messages. This did not trigger Selena to break up with him. The pictures of more girls did it. She just felt really betrayed, like the second chance she gave meant nothing to the young Canadian singer.

"Not just Kylie, there were pictures Kendall sent him too," a source shares to Hollywood Life.  "But that wasn't the reason that Selena broke up with Justin. She saw messages and pictures from other girls that made her a 100 percent sure that he's been cheating on her since they got back together. She said she was only giving him one more chance and that was it."

"Of course Selena feels betrayed," the source adds. "Kylie was acting like her best friend and then she's going behind her back, trying to hook up with her boyfriend. And same with Kendall. Selena doesn't even know what really went on and at this point she doesn't want to."

As hurt as Selena feels about Kendall and Kylie's deception, she thinks Justin's inability to deliver his promises to her is the worst betrayal of all.

"She's not going to hold this against Kendall or Kylie because it's Justin that's really to blame. He's the one that made her promises, not Kendall or Kylie. Selena is putting all the blame on Justin."

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